Nature physique des sous compartiments nucléaires / Physics Of Nuclear Subcompartments

The nucleus of eukaryotic cells contains sub-compartments that are not membrane-enclosed but yet concentrate specific factors forming microenvironments that favor or impede particular activities. Despite their functional importance, the physical nature of these structures as well as the parameters driving their formation and maintenance remain unclear. This project aims to build and test physical models focusing on two well studied examples: i) repair foci, that form at DNA double strand break, and ii) silencing foci, resulting from the clustering of heterochromatic regions. The team from INSB recently accumulated single molecule tracking data on protein components of these two types of sub-compartments. Combining theoretical work and modelling we will define the observables allowing to distinguish different models in our experimental system, thus guiding our future experiments. Overall, this approach will establish a frame work to study the physical nature of nuclear sub-compartment.

Nuclear organization,, membrane-less compartment,, single particle tracking,, phase separation,, single molecule microscopy

Partenaires du projet

LP (UMR3664) Paris France
Mora Thierry
LP (UMR8023) France
Judith Miné-Hattab
Crédit photo : Judith Miné-Hattab