Sustainable extraction of critical metals from secondary sources

In the context of a circular economy, the ExtraMet project aims at extracting selectively critical metals in various non-conventional secondary sources (bauxite residue, phosphogypsum). Due to the economic importance of critical metals (they are present in many emerging applications) and their high supply risk, production from secondary sources appears to be inevitable in order to sustain these new economic sectors. Thus, this project proposes to develop environmentally sustainable extraction processes (using ionometallurgy) to recover these metals, with thorough characterization of the secondary sources including metal speciation. This research project will be a springboard for this research topic identified as strategic by the CEREGE lab and for initiating bigger collaborative projects (EU calls, Horizon Europe). This project, not only of scientific interest, but also of economic and societal interest, will be developed in parallel of the recently funded ANR RECALL project using an interdisciplinaryy approach.

Critical Metals, Selective Extraction, Circular Economy, Secondary Sources, Ionometallurgy

Partenaires du projet

LEVARD Clément
(UMR7330) Aix-en-Provence France
Pellet-Rostaing Stéphane
ICSM (UMR5257) France
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