Systems theory for the Disorders Of Online Media

Online social media have a key role in contemporary society and the debates that take place on them are known to shape political and societal trends. For this reason, pathological phenomena like the formation of ?filter bubbles? and the viral propagation of ?fake news? are observed with concern. The scientific assumption of this proposal is that these information disorders are direct consequences of the inherent nature of these communication media, and more specifically of the collective dynamics of attention thereby. In order to capture these dynamics, this proposal advocates the mathematical modelling of the interplay between the medium (algorithmic component) and the users (human component). The resulting dynamics shall be explored by a system-theoretic approach, using notions such as feedback and stability. This quantitative and rigorous approach will not only unlock fundamental insights but also deliver suggestions on suitable policies to manage the media.

Online social media, sociology of media, dynamical systems, automatic control,

Partenaires du projet

GIPSA-lab (UMR5216) Saint-Martin-d'Hères France
Venturini Tommaso
CIS (UPR2000) France
Maria Castaldo
Crédit photo : Maria Castaldo

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