Bacteria meet surfaces: how the micromechanical environment impacts bacterial virulence

Bacteria adhere to surfaces where they form macrocolonies called biofilms. However, the cues that regulate the switch from an individual motile lifestyle to a collective one are not clear. Building on recent evidence, we propose to study whether the bacterial mechanical microenvironment influences this transition. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, we will image bacteria in flow cells in situ as they adhere on mechanically controlled substrates, which rigidity can be tuned from 1-100kPa. Combining imaging and transcriptome sequencing approaches, we will investigate the correlation between mechanical cues, bacterial organization and virulence regulation in early surface colonization.

bacterial adhesion, biofilm, surface-sensing, mechano-sensing, motility

Partenaires du projet

LECUYER Sigolene
(UMR5672) Lyon France
Attree Ina
Biologie du cancer et de l'infection (BCI) (ERL5261) France
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